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learn The Secrets to Housesitting With Kids
Since January of 2016, my family and I have traveled the world full time. We’ve enjoyed over 300 nights of FREE accommodation per year and saved over $25,000/year on our travel costs! 
From Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and Thailand to Singapore, South Korea, China and Australia, we’ve been exploring the world and receiving FREE accommodation! 
  •  We’ve been able to give our children the world. They don’t sit in a classroom, reading about incredible places – they are traveling the world EXPERIENCING them. 
  •  We travel as locals. We stay in local homes and experience life as the locals do, shopping and eating where they do, instead of being stuck in tourist areas.
  •  We have space. We are never crammed into tiny hotel rooms or end up paying exorbitant prices for larger style accommodation, just because we are a family! 
  •  We have a real “home” in every city we visit. Complete with all the luxuries we enjoy including cats and dogs to snuggle up with on the couch! 
  •  We often get use of a car – FOR FREE! Imagine the savings and the flexibility that provides!
Travel the World
Visit Amazing Places
Enjoy the Comforts of Home
For Free!
What is Housesitting?
Housesitting is a WIN-WIN for homeowners and travelers alike. Housesitters care for a home and animals in exchange for free accommodation while the homeowner is away from home. 

Homeowners avoid having their home empty and susceptible to robbery while they are away and eliminate the need to pay the high cost of pet care. Housesitters enjoy the benefits of a full home, pets to love and a truly local experience – without having to pay a cent!
In this 21 step course, I will walk you step by step through the process of becoming an AMAZING house sitter. I will help you move from complete newbie (or struggling amateur) to a confident, professional house sitter and help you work towards securing your first job!

Broken down into small, bite-sized chunks, you will complete daily action items that will teach you how to:
  • Create a profile that looks super professional (even if you’re a complete newbie!!)
  •  Select the right house sitting jobs (yes, there ARE some that you don't want to apply for!)
  •  Write an application letter that owners can’t say no to.
  •  Turn your kids into a secret weapon (homeowners will WANT your family to stay BECAUSE of your children!) 
  •  Get your first yes quickly and easily!  
  •  Stack the odds in your favor to ensure your success.
You’ll also learn how to: 
  • Move from one sit to the next with limited gaps
  •  Create your own personal website to supercharge your application and make you stand out ahead of your competition (optional extra).
    Who Is Karen King?
    Hi, I’m Karen – proud Aussie, Wife, Mum of 2, creator of Worldschooling Central.com and Full-Time International House Sitter! 

    For the past 3 years, my family and I have been travelling FULL TIME, staying in incredible homes all over the world FOR FREE! From Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and Thailand to Singapore, South Korea, China and of course Australia, we’ve been exploring the world and receiving FREE accommodation! Want to know how? I want to teach you! 

    In 2014, our lives were very different. By all accounts we were living the “Aussie Dream” (much like the American Dream I’d imagine!) We had a beautiful, newly built home, we owned a small family business, my husband was working offshore in a high paying job, both kids were in school… life should have been incredible! But it wasn’t. Life was just too serious. We weren’t having any fun. I was working so hard I was literally missing out on watching my children grow. I knew there had to be more to life! 

    So, after discovering the phrase “Location Independence”, my husband and I decided to make a major change. We sold almost everything we owned and decided to travel the world full time! How do we afford it? In our pre-travel planning days, we discovered the concept of Housesitting. Free accommodation in exchange for caring for a home and pets while homeowners travel. We’ve now completed 38 sits and paid for less than 60 nights of accommodation per year since we began our travels! 

    And now I'm going to show you EXACTLY how we do it!
    Karen King
    Aussie, Mum of 2 & Full-Time House Sitter
    Creator of Worldschooling Central.com
    2.5 Years of Travel ~ 28 Countries ~ 30+ House Sits
    The Course will literally pay for itself
    with your very first house sit!
    "...2 jobs within 2 months of starting!"
    Karen provided such detailed instruction on how to get started housesitting, our family of three went from deciding to give it a try to landing 2 wonderful assignments in 2 different countries, all in less than 2 months! She has such a wealth of experience to share, I highly recommend her!!!
    Karen Ricks - Our Kitchen Classroom
    "...Karen's advice was invaluable"
    Karen was invaluable in helping us to find housesits around the world on our travels. This greatly reduced our costs which meant we had more money for experiences. 
    Thanks, Karen for your help. See you somewhere around the world (somewhere hot)
    Donna Noble - Global Nobles
    Don't Miss Out!
    What are the benefits of joining my 21 Step Kickstarter Course?
    • 21 DAILY PROMPTS that will fully prepare you to secure your first housesit.
    •  GAIN THE CONFIDENCE of knowing EXACTLY what is expected of you by homeowners to ensure you do an amazing job for them.
    •  EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP for students to share ideas, ask questions and gain immediate feedback.
    •  WORK DIRECTLY WITH ME and learn from my tips and tricks that have helped me secure more than 38 house sits in 3 years.
    •  LEARN THE SKILLS to housesit anywhere in the world.
    •  SAVE yourself an average of $1400-$2100 in accommodation costs each time you housesit.
    Let The Adventures Begin!
    House sitting has been an AMAZING way for my family and I to see the world and we have experienced travel in ways we could not have otherwise dreamt of staying in hotels or Airbnb's. 

    I truly believe that ANYONE can become a housesitter, but I know how hard it can be for some people to get started! That's why I've put Housesitting With Kids Kickstarter together - so I can help you skip the hard stuff and jump straight into your very first house sit!

    I can't wait to welcome you to the course and celebrate with you when you start your very first sit!

    Karen King
    P.S. : Don't forget, the cost of the course will pay for itself with your very first house sit! So go on, just do it!

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